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How Koh-i-Noor Named: Mystery of Koh-i-Noor

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There was a writer Theo Matcalfe. Theo write in his book that kohinoor was extracted during the lifetime of krishna. According to the historians this diamond was found in Kolllur mine in Golconda region.

Golconda diamonds are found at Bank of Krishna river in costal Andhra Pradesh. In 18th century this area is only where diamonds found. Until 1725 Brazil also found diamond mines.

Kohinoor first mention in Hindu text wrote in 1306. But this is not clear what is the name of text and who wrote it. When the first Mughal emperor Zahiruddin Babur came to India. He mention in his book that the diamond worth half the daily expense of whole world.

He came India in 1526. Historians believe that Zahiruddin won Kohinoor as a price in a war. Then in 1628 Shah Jahan mention in his book about Kohinoor. Shah Jahan was interested in kohinoor and Red Timur ruby. Actually Mughals like colouful diamonds like ruby.

Then Kohinoor take very important place in Shah Jahan's peacock throne. Shah Jahan make place for Kohinoor diamond in peacock eye. Shah Jahan's peacock throne take 7 years. After 100 years this diamond Delhi became the richest city in the world. There was 7 million people who are living in Delhi. After 100 years Mughal empires get weak in Delhi. After see the wealth of Delhi. Persian Empire Nadir Shah came India. In 1739 Nadir Shah was invaded to Delhi. Nadir Shah defeated to Muhammad Shah. Then Nadir Shah go back to Persia. 700 Elephants, 4000 camels, 12000 horses were needed for take all the money from delhi.

Then Nadir Shah get information that Muhammad Shah have hidden the diamond in his turban. Then Nadir Shah fixed meeting with Muhammad Shah. Then Nadir say that lets exchange the turbans then suddenly the diamond come out from the pocket of Muhammad Shah. Then the room was brightly under the light. Nadir Shah utter the words Koh-i-Noor this word mean "Mountain of light".

Financial officer of Nadir Shah wrote a book Tarikh-i 'alam-ara-yi Nadiri'. By this book we got a record that this diamond is attached in the peacock throne of Shah Jaha. Nadir Shah wore the Timur ruby, kohinoor on the armband. This is possible that turban story is not true. But Historians say that Nadir Shah put the name of kohinoor.

After 70 days Kohinoor was a part of today Afghanistan. This was very famous saying that The owner of the diamond would own the world but all the misfortunes will fall on him.

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