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Create a blog post worth loving

Get a full suite of intuitive design features and powerful marketing tools to create a unique blog post that leaves a lasting impression.

Try it for free for an unlimited time.

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Build your blog post your way

Design a unique blog post

Capture your personality with a complete suite of advanced design features to create your blog post.

Create with content in mind

Start publishing your unique content with a rich text and video and audio add-ons.

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The powerful infrastructure behind your blog post

Secure platform

All new blog posts created on Just Jolly are fully secure because Just Jolly has HTTPS enabled as part of the Just Jolly services.

Faster loading


We have a performance-first culture, meaning our priority is providing the best user experience for you and your readers, with faster loading blog posts that perform great on any device.

Accelerated mobile pages


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Structured data markup are two methods Google uses to help display the best search results. For example, Google uses AMP (among other things) to help decide which pages are added to some mobile carousels.  

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Drive traffic to your blog post

Grow your organic traffic

Edit your blog posts' SEO settings to increase traffic from search engines and grow your global audience.

Engage your online community

Automatic emails, newsletters will be sent and create social posts to share new content with your readers.

Reach the right people


Promote your blog posts on social media and translate your content into multiple languages to reach a wider audience.

Keep them coming back


Invite your followers to become readers and start discussions to increase engagement with your blog post.

Run your blog post more efficiently


Write when you feel inspired and schedule posts in Just Jolly app to go live at the best time for you.

Blog anywhere

Download the Just Jolly app to write content and manage your blog post anytime, anywhere.

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How to create a blog post for free

Follow these 5 steps to start building your blog post today.

  1. Create a Just Jolly Account. Click or Tap switch user on website to create account.

  2. Register for becoming a weblog writer (Wait for approval) when approved click Start Blogging to go to the Weblog or click or tap on Weblog. Create a blog post you want to create.

  3. Add your catchy title. Let people know what your blog is all about.

  4. Write and publish your first post. Launch with posts you're passionate about.

  5. Share your blog post. Gain new readers and promote your blog post on social media.

How to Create a Blog
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