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How Kings Won Koh-i-Noor: Mystery of Koh-i-Noor

Read Mystery of Koh-i-Noor in full here:

There was very famous saying "The owner of the diamond would own the world but all the misfortunes will fall on him".

This saying is taken from Hindu Text- How Koh-i-Noor named, link above. This is a superstition but as you will see that it is true to some extents. This misfortune fall on Nadir Shah in 1747. Nadir Shah was killed by his guard. Then Nadir Shah's empire collapse.

Then Ahmad Shah durrani became the king of Afghanistan. Ahmad Shah was a part of Nadir Shah's army. He became the founder of new Afghan empire. He also became the owner of Kohinoor diamond.

William Delrymple, Anita Anand's book tell us that Nadir Shah's grandson bad molten lead poured on his head to get the information where is Kohinoor. Durrani empire but there were alot of infighting as well. Ahmad's sond Timur can run the empire adeptly. Then Ahmad's grandsons fought amongst each other for the throne. Timur's son Zaman Shah Durrani was blinded with hot needle.

Zaman's brother Shuja Shah Durrani's wife Wafa Begum said that if a powerful man threw 4 stones in 4 directions 5 into the air. North, South, East then West direction then 1 stone into the air. The space enclosed by all the stone were filled by gold value of this gold would not match to the value of Kohinoor. Shuja Shah Durrani wore Kohinoor as a bracelet. 1809 he was dethroned. Then Shuja Shah Durrani run away he go to Lahore.

There he took refuge to Maharaja Ranjith Singh. Ranjith Singh was a founder of Sikh empire. Ranjith Singh in the exchange of refuge Ranjith Singh demand for Kohinoor. In 1813 Kohinoor transfer to Sikh empire. Ranjith Singh give Kohinoor symbolic importance. The land usurped by Durrani dynasty he won the land back. He was also known as SHER-E-PUNJAB.

He take Kohinoor with him on his bicepe. During this East India Company make the grip strong in India. After the death of Ranjith Singh in 1839. When British get information about Ranjith Singh death they also get information that Ranjith Singh was handover Kohinoor to some Hindu priest.

Newspaper on that time don't like this. They publish in there news papers. The richest, the most costly gem in the world has been trust of the profane idolatrous, mercenary priesthood. British Government said to East India Company to keep an eye on Kohinoor diamond track where it goes.

Look for the opportunity to get it for the British treasury. British had to wait nearly 1 decade. After Ranjith Singh death in 1839 Punjab throne was passed on to 4 ruler over the next 4 years. Till 1843 2 persons left Ranjith Singh's wife (Rani Jindan), Ranjith Singh's son (Duleep Singh). In 1843 Duleep Singh was 5 years old. In 1849 2nd Anglo Sikh War finished. East India Company ended the rule of Punjab empire.

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