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How Koh-i-Noor Became the Crown Jewel: Mystery of Koh-i-Noor

East India company finish the rule of Punjab empires. On that time Prince Duleep Singh was around 10 years old.

EIC made him sign a treaty of Lahore. In this treaty this diamond supposed to be handed over to the East India Company. On that time Punjab was the Last state that hadn't conquered by the British.

After finishing the war East India Company did not leave any scope to Sikh empires sprout once again. They arrest to Jindal then Lord Dalhousie send Duleep to England in 1854 then convert him into Christianity. On that time Duleep Singh was 15 years old. When Duleep Singh portrait was being painted in Buckingham Palace Queen Victoria gave him oportunity to see Kohinoor diamond again.

He hold Kohinoor in his hand the said. It is to me mam the greatest pleasure to have the opportunity as a loyal subject of myself tendering to my sovereign the Koh-i-Noor.

During the last years of his life tried to rebel against England he tried to return to India but he was prevented by British. Them he tried to get the help of Germany.But he remain Unsuccessful. It is said that he had an unfortunate death. At the age of 55 years in Paris.

His living conditions were quite bad by then he was living in poverty. On the other hand Kohinoor became a special possession of Queen Victoria. The interesting thing is the "Curse of Koh-i-Noor." Any one Who owned this diamond will own the world but all the misfortunes fall on him in that saying also said in it only god or a women can wear it with impunity without any adverse consequences. In 1851 in the Hyde Park of London a big exhibition British people get a chance to see Kohinoor. But public reaction was quite unexpected.

People were surprise to see empires fighting over a small piece of rock. People couldn't believe that this is the stone for which people have killed to many people. To them it simply a piece of glass not unlike any normal piece of glass. It was reported by the Times newspaper in June 1851. After the disapointing reaction of public Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert commissioned recutting of Kohinoor diamond in 1852 so, Kohinoor can reflect of light. He wanted to people mesmerised to see the Kohinoor diamond. Due to this process Kohinoor loss it's 40% weight. Kohinoor was 186 carats ater the recutting Kohinoor left 105.6 carats. Now Kohinoor is as big as chicken's egg. Kohinoor is 3.2×3.2×1.3 cm. Moving on with the story.

When the British got Kohinoor diamond in there hands they too scared of "The Curse of Kohinoor." The going forward the British royal families decided to that they wouldn't give Kohinoor to any man's hand. When would be male our kings wifes will wear it.

The Queen consort would only women who can wear the Kohinoor that why's over the next years. When the British throne passed on Kohinoor always went to the Queen.

Eventually it became the part of crown jewels. It was 1 put on Queen Alexandra's crown then in Queen Mary's crown then finaly it goes in the crown mother of the present Queen's mother in England in 1937.

The Queen's mother's funeral was held in 2002. When the crown was last seen in public. If we see between 800 years. British Monarchy was the longest owner of Kohinoor Diamond. Kohinoor was with her for 173 years.

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Many people feel quite emotional for Kohinoor. Shashi Tharoor's 2015 Oxford Union Speech had became very famous. His argument were praised by Prime Minister of India. He said that India have his prosperity, property.

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