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Wrath of Nature

There is bound to be havoc of

nature. The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is high, we should also stop deforestation. Do not use plastic bags and carry bags because plastic does not perish in the environment and is responsible for increasing pollution.

The honorable government has also forbidden the use of plastic so that the environment can remain clean and pollution free. Environment is our friend, we should also play friendship with it. Have you all ever noticed that when we go to a hill picnic spot, we all very carelessly throw garbage here and there, due to which there is a lot of dirt. And slowly there.


The atmosphere begins to deteriorate. We all should take care that we make the hill place pleasant. We should take care of our environment as much as possible. Otherwise, if nature shows its fierce form, it will be very terrible. What we all want to know.

Kedarnath incident. Tsunami. Flooding year after year. We all have to pay horribly. We should plant more and more trees. We should give our old clothes to someone so that they can be recycled, the papers should not be spoiled, should be sent for recycling.

Energy should be used properly. Similarly, the temperature can be prevented from rising, we all have our own one. An effort should be made. Otherwise it will be impossible to stop the havoc of nature. That's why we should start trying as soon as possible

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