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Will power is that power. Where God can also force us to fulfill our wish. You must have heard that what we think is what it is, that is why it is said that we should always think positively.

It is only with the power of thinking and willpower that changes come in our lives, even the lines of our hands also change, that is why it is said that what a person cannot do if he wants, he can write his own destiny.


Willpower and hard work combined " Nothing is impossible" Whatever happens in our life Need a little patience.

Many times people must be heard saying that our wish is not being fulfilled, that work is not being done, God does not listen to us, then there is a lack in our will, we have to work on it ourselves to fulfill our wish, God. Come to earth and stay away from working in our place.


You keep on doing your work without the desire for fruit, but it is not that you have done any work today and you want that oh God, just do this work for me now. All of us should keep doing our work with full sincerity and the fruits will also be obtained.

Efforts to do any work never go in vain. We will definitely be successful one day and the world is on this hope.

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04 sept 2023
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You're absolutely right, all we need is patience in our life, keep writing mam. You're providing us good information. ☺️👍

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