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Web of Mind

You all know the speed of the mind, at any stage of our age, the mind is able to reach there.

Between the past and the future, man keeps on weaving and removing the webs of the mind.

It is not known when it is the evening of life in removing old webs and making new ones.

Like me, you too must have been trapped in the web of your mind, sometimes you would have got happiness by cleaning a web, then while cleaning that web unknowingly,

Those moments were unintentional. would be resurrected.

Spider web

After battling all of them for some time, when they come out, it is known that the web they had gone to clean was not cleared and a new web got ready.

I do not want to tell you here that how to avoid the trap of these webs, but these webs will go by taking them away.

Spider web

Living for all is life in the true sense. Sometimes we prepare a lot for the future and sometimes we get lost in the old days.

All of our lives revolve around these webs. Because now it is very difficult to live without them.

Therefore, this message for all of us is to keep weaving good webs of life. This is the web of our life.

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Lovely post, 😁

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