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The curse of Gandhar

Updated: Mar 10

The stort begins from the end of 100 sons of Dhitrashtra and Gandhari. Shri Krishna was with Pandavas and they won the fight with the help of Shri Krishna. He have knowledge of present,past and future (Trikaldrishti) he already knows that what is going on, what was going on and what will be going on. As I told you in last blog that Shakuni was great now at this time he have taken his revenge from Dhitrashtra after death of his sons.

Gandhari and Dhritrashtra was very sad on the other hand Pandavas was also sad because they have killed there brothers. Gandhari was upset and then she thought that Shri Krishna was main root of the war and he is responsible for her sons death. She go to Shri krishna and tell him that you are responsible for my whole family's death. Then she gave curse to Shri Krishna that you have destroyed my family. Your city named Dwaraka Nagri will be destroy. The name of Gandhar was changed by mughal shasak to Kandhar. Below screen shot is taken from google maps.

After telling this to Shri Krishna she was not happy then she go to his brother Shakuni and tell him that your city Gandhar can never come into progress and then she go away. After that now its kaliyug the curse is still going on. After that when Alexander The Great come to Afghanistan he see that everywhere is full of negativity. He take some soil from the land of Afghanistan and pack it then send it to his mother. When his mother get the soil she spread the soil out of her home and after some days peoples are fighting to each other and everywhere was negativity.

At the last of the blog I am going to telling you 1 secret fact. everyone tell that Alexander The Great was the king of whole world but he never stand his kingdom in India because of Mahan Guru Chanakya he was very clever he have some niti which a person read those niti so, no one can stop him to become successful. And I prefer you all that you should keep gita in your home and read it everyday.

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