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Side effects of Marriage

Side Effects of Marriage

Marriage in every human life

That moment also comes when the boy or the girl is flying for future dreams. and sour-sweet thoughts are arising in the mind. But when marriage takes place.

A different truth is faced. After marriage, everything depends on the mutual understanding of both of you that now you have entered in the wedding relationship now you have to maintain its sweetness or fade it.

Depends on both of you. When any boy and girl get married, then The situation is same for both. How will you take this relationship forward.

It is very difficult in the beginning to Understand each other's views There can also be differences of opinion.

If work is done with understanding, then there will be no side effects of marriage and the relationship can take a very deep form.


Sweet relationship of husband wife in which both of you need a friend. There is also a wonderful relationship with which you can share all your things.

If there is mutual understanding and cooperation between husband and wife, then life can become very beautiful.

Sometimes we see that new marriages took place and after some time both of them got separated, if they try to solve this issue with mutual cooperation or If they had handled the relationship with their mutual understanding and not relying on the advice of others to some extent, then perhaps that relationship would have survived.

Both of you would have understood how well you understand each other. Sides effects of marriage for both. There are no effects at all.

If the side effects of marriage are some sour, some sweet, then they should be welcomed.

Because even sweets are not always eaten, nor they harmful to health.


Celebrating something when we are angry, maintains the sweetness of our relationships.

Side effects are our own. Side effects do not happen at all. Live life to the fullest and being happy is the biggest effect. Enjoy the every moment of life as today is last day of life.

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