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Role of Sanatan Dharma in Hollywood movies

Lord Krishna

What are the highest-grossing movies of all time? It might surprise you that two of the 25 highest-grossing movies of all time came out in 2022, and 2021 added another another. But 2009's Avatar still holds the top spot. And the second one in Avengers Endgame. Third is Avatar: The way of water and they all are based on our Sanatan Sanskriti. I think most of the people who are reading my blog post have watched Avatar.

In Avatar a person can connects with other tribal people in same universe just after sleeping he got all the connection. And after some time he also liked that world and he started thinking that the real world is his dream and that one dream is real. His named Jake Sully.

He and his partner who live in forests are too much tall as we all know about Shri Ram And Treat yuga (Golden Era) in Treta yuga people are much longer that today's men. They were like 9-10 feet average and 10-15 feet as an exceptions. In ancient times Bharat was one and only developed country in the world.

Avatar character

In Bharat when we wear clothes, we have houses, we have technology to cure biggest and deadliest diseases in the world through our knowledge of Vedas (Ayurveda). Other part of the world was roaming without shelter, without clothes.

We get this knowledge form Ayurveda who was written by Charaka who is called 'Father of Ayurveda'. In his book 'Charaka Samhita' he had mentioned about 340 plant types and about 200 animal types.Bharat was slavery for 800 years. In this period Bharat is righted slavery of some groups like Mughals and Angrez come to Bharat.

There was a Mughal emperor named Aurangzeb. Once he became too much ill with a lots diseases. He found everywhere but there was no one who can cure him. So lastly he call to vaid who was betterly known for Ayurvedic treatment. He asked him that he will don't eat medicine and there was one more condition I haven't remember that.

So The vaid told him that just read your holy book 'Namaz' as acording to your routine. And when he read Namaz as his daily routine. He is cured then he went to the house of that vaid and kill him and the books of "Ayurveda" were burnt by him. He became cure just by seeing to the book vaid put some medicine on that book and by just seeing that he became cure.

Our Sanskriti is very old there is no starting date of Sanatan Dharm has no starting date no ending because it is not just dharma it is a way of living life. It is universe we do worship of every single thing around us. There is one more story about Aurangzeb the demon. Aurangzeb kill his brothers for the kingdom and he also put his father in a prison and became king.

Five Chakras

He was a executioner that I have ever heard in history. And he don't give him food to get alive. When he put his father in prison the his father said that In Bharat people worship and give food to there dead father, grandfather and his son Aurangzeb is not giving food to his alive father.

In Avatar Jake used to visit some another people in same world and he started connecting with them. In our Sanskriti in Treta Yug lord Rama was also like 10-11 feet. In Avatar film released in 2009 is shown same concept. Critics saw an "undeniably" Hindu connection between the film's story and the Vedic teaching of reverence for the whole universe, as well as the yogic practice of inhabiting a distant body by one's consciousness and compared the film's love scene to tantric practices.

Then there's Avatar, a film named for the Sanskrit word avatāra ('descent'), in which the protagonist, Jake Sully, enters and explores an alien world called Pandora by inhabiting the body of an indigenous 10-foot, blue-skinned being, an idea taken from Hinduism's depictions of the various avatars of the blue god Vishnu.

And in Avatar Jake is shown in blue colour and we all know that in Treta Yuga lord Rama was also blue in colour. In some interviews the director also tell that he is trying to create that same era or position or trying to create same concept. As we have read in Ramayan

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
Oct 28, 2023

Really very good, keep writing ✍️


Oct 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Lovely 😍

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