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Riddles of life

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Where has anyone understood the riddle of life. Life is only a puzzle, where can it be understood. Sometimes it makes us cry.

Sometimes there are moments in life that make us happy. They say that life is not your kitty, sometimes sunshine, sometimes shadow.

There is only one answer to all this, that is time. None of us has the answer to time. We are all tied in the hands of time. Where does the time belong to someone.

We do big planning for the future, how many times, time does not support us. We all work under the control of time, there is nothing in our hands. There is only one answer to everything, that is time.

You all must have heard that the one whose time supports him becomes a king. For this reason many times you must have seen the king becoming a mystic.

In the same way, we all have a lot of confusion in life and we are all fighting with our problems, we also pray that we should not get entangled in any new puzzle.

Life is an unsolved puzzle, it is very difficult to solve. Yes, we can do one thing in all this that we keep on doing our work. So that we all can enjoy our life to the fullest.

To be happy in life, we should keep working according to our own way. Sometimes happiness and sometimes sorrow keep coming in life. We should welcome every moment and be happy.

We all should enjoy life instead of solving its riddles and our life is like an ice cream.

Now we have to understand whether to live or enjoy it happily or wait for it to end or melt and just keep cursing our fate all the time.

Riddles of life

To live every moment, one should rise above all this and think ahead.

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
Aug 30, 2022

Very beautiful and full of enthusiasm and determination dedication towards life. Keep writing

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