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Ravana's Reality (Part-2)

When Ravana was came into power he go to his elder brother Lord Kubera and then he said that he will kill him and due to his anger Lord Kubera was afraid from him and he ran away from Lanka yeah Lord Kubera was a king of Lanka before Ravana. And Lord Kubera left his country.


He was afraid of Ravana and all his equipments was taken by Ravana and his country was also taken by Ravana. And one day thare was Kuber's daughter's marriage and then in her marriage Ravana was also invited and when he came into the marriage he put his evil eye on his niece. his lust awakened on his niece.

And then he was telling her something and then his niece get that what he is going to do and when Lord Kubera discovered all this he cursed Ravana that if he will ever try to put his evil eye on any women and without her permission he will try to put her in her palace.

So he will be destroyed at that same time. So I hope after this story you know that how much bad sides Ravana had. Due to his lust he was destroyed. And then when he saw Mata Sita his lust again awakened and then after a while he get a reason to capture Mata Sita. But he can't even touch Mata Sita because of his curse. And if he saw Mata Sita with his naked eyes he will be blind. Because of glow of Mata Sita.

Shri Ram

So if you are reading my blog posts from very long time so you know that before the kidnapping of Mata Sita Lord Rama already know that this will happen in future so one day he send Lord Lakshmana to Jungle to bring some woods and he gave Mata Sita to Agnideva and then he take chhaya Sita(Shadow Sita) from him. So that was our story for today and make sure to follow me and don't forget to subscribe my YouTube channel and here is the link:

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