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Sugriva from my Perspective (Part-1)

Updated: May 5

In my perspective Sugriva was not good. First of all he cheated his brother Bali so let's understand the story from starting. First of all you have to understand from the beginning there were two brothers named Bali and Sugriva.

Lord Brahma
Lord Brahma

Bali was a Elder brother of Sugriva. And they both live in there city named Kishkindha and Bali was a king of Kishkindha. And Bali was boon by Lord Brahma that whenever he will fight with anybody half of his powers and energy will be transferred in him.

So one day when he was in his palace with his brother Sugriva. One demon named Mayavi came to his door and he was challenging Bali to came out of his palace and defeat him. So Bali was overconfident on him because before he had killed many Rakshas like Mayavi. He also defeat Ravana. As I wrote before that anyone who will fight with him his half energy will transfer into Bali.

So That's why he was overconfident on him. He came out of his palace with Sugriva and start fighting then after some time Mayavi think that he will kill him so he start running and he was running and running and behind him Bali and Sugriva were chasing him. And then he went into a cave and when Bali went to the gate of the cave he told Sugriva that Sugriva wait for me I will come out of this cave after killing him.

Then Sugriva agreed him but this war took many years and no one come out of the cave so basically at this position Sugriva should go inside the cage. But he didn't. After some time there was a stream of blood coming out of the cage.

Then Sugriva think that his brother is died he is no more. So he put a big stone on the gate of the cage basically he blocked the cage he thinked that his brother is died so Mayavi will come out and take the kingdom and kill him also. So in my point of view he should go inside the cage or he should wait for his brother outside of the cage. As Bali told him but didn't.

So as I wrote before that ultimately no one can kill Bali in fight because he had that boon from Lord Brahma. So he came out of the cage after killing his enemy (Mayavi). He came out of the cage and he saw a big stone on the gate of the cage he was angry to see this.

Mayavi's blood stream was coming out of the cage. So rest of the story will be in next part. For more such posts follow me and hit the subscribe button of my YouTube channel and here is the link:

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