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Increasing of hotness in India

Now India will be hotter than Africa, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan and more other countries. According to internet last year there was 42.9°C in Delhi and according to natives it was felt like 48°C to 49°C. Between 1961 and 2021, the duration of heat waves in India increased by about 2.5 days due to global warming.

Heat waves

Model estimates also suggested that by 2060, there will be an increase of about two heatwaves and an increase in the duration of heatwaves by 12-18 days. We need to increase the number of trees in India. And it is not only in Delhi this condition is in all over India. And in ancient times when children are used to study in Gurukuls children were taught to plant 1 Peepal tree, 1 Tamarind tree, 3 Amla tree, and 5 mango trees once in there whole life.

A mango tree produces 271 tons of oxygen in its entire life and absorb 81 tons of carbon dioxide. India is rich in mangoes in many countries mangoes are too expensive. Countries like United States of America, Japan and many more. And the country's more tropical southern regions remain hot year-round. Over the past five decades, the country has experienced more than 700 heat wave events claiming more than 17,000 lives, according to a 2021 study of extreme weather in the Weather and Climate Extremes journal.

And AC is not a solution for hotness in India. And if we use AC in excessive amount so we all know that we can pay for electricity bill. But when our AC is running so if you noticed so there is heat releasing from behind the AC in our atmosphere. And we all know that electricity is produced by coal by burning them. And a lot of carbon dioxide produce in this method. The only solution of these problems is to growing more and more plants as we can do.


And the second reason is we eat animals like chickens, Mutton, Lambs, Beef and many more. This is insane for me to eat animals. When we eat animals or another organism our body need produce more heat than usual to remove the heat from put body we should drink Buttermilk, Lassi, Raita, lemonade, fresh juices and try to avoid softdrinks they are artificial.

And we can eat watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, chikoo, and many more fruits like them. We shouldn't eat animals and for more follow me. And subscribe to my YouTube channel and here is the link:

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