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Love or Just Attraction

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Attraction means that you are attracted by seeing someone, that is the attraction, here attraction means its external beauty.

Attraction can also be love. But love is above all this, love can happen even without seeing anyone.

Love is like a worship like Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha, Soni-Mahiwal, Romeo-Juliet and Lord Radha Krishna all these love stories Have been listening.

They only had love, there was no attraction. Shri Krishna and Radha are in love with each other.


They were absorbed and not attracted to each other. The second stage of attraction is love if the couple does not reach that stage.

If you find it, it is only an attraction and it is only momentary. And you must have heard it sometime.

That the soul cannot be related by attraction alone. While love or Hearts touching soul mates is the relation of one soul only.

But the way to attain God is also love.

God can also be found through love. You must have never heard that by mere attraction God can be found.

Nor has any film ever been made on attraction whereas many films have been made on love and many books have also been written.

So, Have you ever noticed that

Showing the boy and the girl to each other for marriage arrangment

Then getting married is the first stage of attraction.

Heart and two fingers

Afterwards falling in love with each other is the second stage.

Along with it makes their relationship strong throughout life.

It has been seen many times that the relationship reaches the first stage, but the relationship ends before reaching the second stage or is going on a compromise. It would be fair to say here that the life of attraction is very short.

It has been seen many times that nowadays people do love marriage, their first step is attraction, if their relationship does not reach the second stage, then love marriage also fails.

Because after reaching the second stage, which is a way of worship, immortal stories are made by reaching the at this stage.

If we think about it, then even the most sacred religion of humanity is love. The world is running on the basis of love. Therefore, keeping the religion of humanity at the top, we should live with each other with love.

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