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Housewife, on which there is less to be written, this topic have broken the strings of our minds. women's mind.

Women, whether we are working women or house wife, our work never ends, we just have to do a 24-hours job.

Never Off Duty Running a house is no less than running a company. Keeping the house in order, managing all the tasks is not an easy task, then you have to live up to the expectations of all the members of the house.


You have not missed everything. What if you are angry with you all day at home that you cannot do even this much work, but no one will appreciate the whole day you spend making everyone happy because that is your duty.

Have done a little favor to someone, now I am talking about the condition of working women, their condition is not special in the house, even that does not reduce the expectations of your loved ones.


There you are given a crown that Wow how capable you are. So you manage both at home and outside, but the expectations of your family do not decrease, in that case you have to see the house and manage outside also, you have not missed that everyone will say leave, you do not work on both sides, you do your job.

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
Oct 09, 2022

Very well written 👍 it's truth of life. Keep writing 🙂

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