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Depression means tension nowadays everyone is living in depression. Depression is a subject that everyone has faced in some form or the other.

We all are familiar with this word. From child to old age, everyone has faced this depression.


But if we take it in a positive way then we all can come above it that means in no time we can remove depression from our life.

We have to hold our positive aspect, the more stressed we are, the more we will drown in it, at this time we do not even know that we are getting merged in it and our thinking keeps on changing, we get angry a lot.

Everyone's words seem bad, even if someone says the right things, they feel bad. But we also have the cure for all this, it is very important for us to have control over our mind.


It is necessary to have a positive attitude towards things, by this we will also fulfill our responsibility towards ourselves and also live life in a positive way without any depression.

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