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Dear Husband

Dear today, when I see you even after so long. You are just the way you were before, very simple, solved.

Even today, just by looking at you, I know what is going on inside you. With so many years of life passed, I did not even know.

Sun and shade keep coming and going in life, but I like your simplicity and calm towards life. I have been seeing you for the last 18 years.

You accepted every season of life with laughter, no matter how hot the sun came in life, no matter how many gusts of wind came. You never staggered like Mount Everest. Always a new flow of life filled in my life, we also started looking at life in the same positive way.


Learnt a new perspective of looking at life from you. You have supported me in every decision of life, whether it is a decision related to family or any decision related to our life, always with you, we are always together in every happiness and every sorrow of life.

There was never any deceit and deceit in you, nor can there ever be. Your mind is absolutely still like that of an innocent child. When you laugh, it is through your laughter that I look inside you. You have so much faith, courage and determination which keeps me positive too. Your humble behavior keeps us all connected.

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
21. 8. 2022

So cute really very nice presentation of thaughts and full of enthusiasm and emotions. Keep writing.

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