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Crossroads of life

Crossroads means group of four paths Even in life, we have to cross four paths. Life also rests on four stages.

1st stage - study is the best, we still grow up and want to go to the same study once again, if someone asks you whether you want to go back to childhood, then there will be hardly anyone who will refuse this in everyone's heart and mind.

2 roads

Reading remains a shadow, it is the sweetest study. 2nd stage – The second stage is when we grow up i.e. youth stage.

Youth has different dreams, in youth, everyone feels that they can do everything, there is a new enthusiasm of life, there is a desire to get everything, everything seems like we just take it like this The perspective of looking at life is different and full of enthusiasm.


3rd stage – The third stage is the middle stage, it is full of experience, in this you have passed two stages of life and because of the experience you have, you keep making your younger ones and your children aware of your experience.

So, that nothing wrong happens with them and they move towards success in their life.

4th stage - This is the last stage of life, in this you have seen all the sunshine and shadows of life. Enjoy it. This is how the cycle of life goes on.

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