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Choose your rainbow

Everyone has their own sky. We all should keep coloring in it.

If we see a child, then his world is different, absolutely tension free. But that child is also being suppressed under the burden fo tension.

When we stop them to do something. Because his world is different, his happiness is different.

We should also learn from kids because they know how to be happy. How to be happy like children. We should laugh a louder. Ever seen rainbow colors, how they awaken an energy inside you. We just have to keep the same energy awake inside us.

Every person has a different point of view. Every person has a different way of valuing things, that is, everyone wants to work in their own way. Everyone has every right to work in his own way.


Whatever area he is associated with. Work in that area with full faith. Believe in whatever area you are associated with, determine your own sky and fill it with colour.

Then see that the sky will also be yours, the colors will also be yours and favorite too.

What about your rainbows?

Tell us about your rainbow in the comment section.

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