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It has become a fashion nowadays to wear a mask that looks a different mask.

In every relationship Everyone in friends is wearing a mask. It doesn't matter what you think, just people wearing a fake mask talk to you according to their convenience.

You just share any of your problems with anyone Then see how the front person appears in front of you with a new face.

The person in front will tell his problem that he himself is very upset that he is unable to help you in any way.


But if you are capable then you can help those people. That form will see that there is no one better and wiser than you in the world.

Even if you speak wrong in a competent situation, you will be considered right. Humans keep changing their masks according to their needs.

This is the harsh truth of today's society. Human beings wear their masks according to their needs.


We just keep seeing that hey this person also has this form, once only we did not face any problem that you have to offer various masks around you, those who you consider to be yours will be seen.

We all understand the truth behind those masks. Yes, it is a bit sad that those whom you thought to be yours are also sitting on a mask. Practicality is becoming like a familiarity, everyone is living in a show. Everyone is his own in him and look, no one is there.

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