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War between Israel and Palestine

This is just an image of burning buildings

It's been more than a month since Israel-Palestine war started. Now Gaza is looking like a hell. On 9 October Israel has imposed a total blockage on Gaza means no food, no medicines supply, water supply and even electricity has been cut off by Israel in Gaza. And continuous bombardment is unimaginable. The scenes coming out of Gaza are shocking the entire neighborhoods have been reduced to rubble. More than 2,800 people have been thrown to death, thousands are still trapped in this debris.

The ones who are still alive are trying to get shelter into hospitals, schools, and other buildings. But by 16 November was also out in United Nations shelter too. United Nations agency said on 15th October that they are witnessing an unprecedented human catastrophe in Gaza.

Mehmood Matar a surgeon in Gaza told that hospitals in Gaza are totally overwhelmed. There is no water, no electricity and the network connection is unstable. He said that he was looking for water.

There is another doctor told that there is no fuel and 60 patients are on dialysis, 35 patients are in ICU they need ventilator. If fuel runs out there will be no chances to save them. And this isn't in one hospital it's the same everywhere. There is only one hospital for oncology hospital was left in Gaza as according to reports it has been shut down.

This is just an image of poor old man.

Gaza is spred over just 365 square km as compared to Delhi it is almost 1/4 of Delhi. In this small area 23 lakh peoples are living there in Gaza. This is one of the most densely populated places in the world.

Even before the war began the living condition were very bad the people who lived there were constantly under Israel surveillance and could not travel beyond Gaza before Israel's permission. It is also important to mention that our of 23 lakh population almost half of the population are children according to records out of people die in war 60% of them are women and children.

People say that dolling out collective punishment with the people of Gaza. If Gaza is not safe so obviously people of Gaza have to migrate or leave Gaza. Thare is only one way Rafah crossing Israel hit the area near the Rafah crossing point at least thrice this area is very important Rafah border crossing it is a border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

This is just an image of fighter jets.

One side there is a sea where they cannot go and other 2 sides are covered with Israel where they cannot go. Only one way to leave Gaza that is Rafah border crossing so what would you have done 8n such a situation to escape bombardment you would have tried to flee Gaza. Thousands of people tried to do this same.

So they get gathered on Rafah border but Egypt is not ready to open the gate of border. Egypt and other Arab countries said that it is unacceptable pelistenian refugee to go there country. Because pelistenians have there own country. I am not favouring any country or any social groups. I am here to tell you about the truth.

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