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The Most Memorable Journey

The talk is about summer holidays, it was the month of June. We thought that this time where we are going on this holidays.

Later we decided that this time we will go to Dalhousie (Himachal Pradesh). We thought that this journey should be made a little longer and if there are holidays then we should go comfortably. Went out Me, my husband and our two children.

Whenever we go on a journey, we keep the speed of the vehicle normal and go slow and comfortably. The fun of this type of journey is also different. We left Delhi at five o'clock in the morning, then we had breakfast at Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba in Haryana, people keep coming here for 24 hours and by noon we reached Amritsar Golden Temple, there we visited the Gurudwara and we lunch prasad there.

Then we reached the Wagah border. There the border of our country which is in Attari of Punjab. There we saw how the soldiers of our country are stationed on the border of our country.


And march when it is evening, the soldiers on both sides of India and Pakistan make the Flag rest. It is so interesting to see all this that at least thousands of people come here to see it, soldiers on both sides show their heroism to each other.

Seeing all this, all the people sitting there are filled with passion for their country, the music of patriotism is going on, there is a different view. The whole scene is resonating with the announcement of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, does feel like coming from there, very attractive, different patriotism is made on the border of both the countries. After seeing all, the evening started turning into night. So we came to Amritsar from Bagha border in the night and stayed there in our hotel.

Then the next morning we left for Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh. People were wearing jackets, sweaters etc. When we came out of the car, we felt cold here in June. We felt that we should quickly put on the jacket. We had children with us. We thought that they might catch a cold. We thought it best to reach our hotel early.

In the evening, when we went out for some walk, we reached the market there, the market was small but it was good, it felt like a different world was settled on the mountains. We also went to St. John's Church there and we had a great prayer experience. From inside we were feeling very good that in June we were all dressed in winter clothes.


Next morning we left for Khajjiar Chamba district Khajjiar was at a higher height, the car had to be driven very carefully because there was a ditch on the side and there is one way driving on the mountains, there is always a fear that with a slight mistake, we will fall in the ditch.

Well we reached Khajjiar by driving slowly. We went to see that Khajjiar is a very beautiful place, Khajjiar is also called Mini Switzerland. The weather there was very cool, the weather was cold, it seemed that someone has put an air conditioner in the weather, there we ate Maggi and drank tea Etc.

It was very nice, there were some similar things being available which become readymade and instant, now we stayed there till evening then we returned to our hotel in Dalhousie,then it started raining very hard, as soon as we took the name of God, while driving slowly, reached to our hotel.

Then we felt calm. The next morning we thought that now we should go back home. When we were coming back and came on the way to Ambala, we saw that the way to Vaishnodevi was visible, suddenly our mind changed.

And we reached Vaishno Devi, we had no program to go to Vaishno Devi. When we reached there, we were thinking that how we will do the tough journey, we are very tired. But mother Vaishno Devi had called, we started journey by horse and had darshan and while descending we were on foot.

We just landed. And then after resting for a day. From there we left for home, only after seeing the mother vaishno devi, our journey was completed and the next day by night we came to our house. This journey was so good as well as had darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi. It was a very pleasant journey, I will probably never forget it.

We kept thinking about this journey for a long time, how the journey started then Mata Vaishno Devi where we did not even have any plan. Be there too. I was feeling very lucky.

Thank you very much for visiting and for giving your valuable time, keep giving your review in the same way, so that I can write my good compositions by being inspired.

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
Aug 29, 2022

It's so beautiful creation. Feeling like we all having the same journey. It's very good to read it. Visualisation method is used to express your experience and expression. Please keep writing.

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