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Sugriva from my Perspective (Part-2)

If you haven't read part-1 so, you should reach out for part-1 and this part is for those who have read part-1. Till previous blog post Bali was angry to see that stone on the gate of that cage and now he was full of anger and he reached out his palace and he saw Sugriva was sitting on the seat of the king.

And after returning from that cage Sugriva declared himself as a king and he marry to Bali's wife (Tara). And obviously anyone who see this thing will get angry. And same as Bali did and he threw Sugriva out of the kingdom. And wanted to kill him because he took over his kingdom and marry his wife.

So Sugriva was running to save his life but he knew that he can't do that for a long time. So he ran away and Bali retake his kingdom from Sugriva. And for his revenge he marry to Sugriva's wife. And in our Sanatan Dharma every man who is elder than us is like our father and every woman who is elder than us is like our mother. And every one younger than us is like our children.

So in this situation Bali's wife was like a mother for Sugriva. And Sugriva's wife is like a daughter for Bali. In this situation they both did unrighteousness. But when he met Shri Rama and when he told them about his brother. Shri Rama agreed to help him to kill his brother. And he told him that you have to go in front of him to fight with him. And from behind he will kill him. Because as I wrote in part-1 that no one could fight with Bali.

So Shri Rama decided to kill him from his behind so first time when Sugriva went to fight with him. He wasn't able to fight with him and Sugriva and Bali were looking same. So Shri Rama was confused and he couldn't even find that who is Sugriva and who is Bali. So Sugriva had to run away from that place. And he asked Shri Rama that why you didn't kill him. So Shri Rama told him all that stuff.

Shri Ram
Lord Shri Rama

And at next time he put a garland in his neck and he start fighting with him and this time Shri Rama was able to kill him. For more such posts you should follow me and also subscribe my YouTube channel and here is the link:

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