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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Updated: May 14, 2023

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means making your website more readable to search engines so they can better index your site. This improves search accuracy and the relevance of search results. SEO requires some work, but the more you optimize, the better search engines can understand what your site is about and match you with better traffic.

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1. Make your site accessible

One of the best ways to rank higher on Google is to make your site accessible. Accessibility not only helps people with disabilities or temporary disabilities, but gives Google tons of great information for indexing.

2. Submit structured data markup for your site to Google

Structured data markup is a standardized format for giving search engines detailed information about your page. Adding markup to your site's page can help improve your website's search results and ranking. Search engines can also use markup to create rich results like article previews, product previews, and FAQs for your site's search results.


Adding structured data markup to your site's pages does not guarantee that search engines will create rich results for them.

3. Add a blog to your site

Adding a blog to your site is a great way to keep your site updated and active, gain visitors, use keywords and add content.

4. Using Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Sign in to Google Search Console for free to, track performance, and see your keyword rankings on Google. Go to search analytics to see all the pages on your site that are getting you traffic. You can also check impressions to see how many people view and click on your site from Google searches, where average click through rates are about 5%. Learn more

Google Analytics

Find which pages on your site get you traffic and which sites send you traffic. Your site's bounce rate, timeline and more.

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Archit Sharma
Archit Sharma

SEO is a peaceful breath for those who worry about there progress in entire world.

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