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Mother's home

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Mother's home

Mother's house means that which we all call Maika. The matter of the maternal house is different, Chutki, who was now married, now remembers everything about her mother. Mother would often say that she has to go abroad. Don't do this Chutki - Don't do that Chutki often thinks that if I get married, will that house not be mine. Chutki loved her mother very much. Chutki's mother also loved her very much. When Chutki got married. Mother would often call him and tell him that son keep on coming home, I also feel relieved to see you. But. Chutki's brother-in-law would make a face after seeing Chutki, so she hesitated to go to her own house.

Mother would often say that when I am not in this world then you will know my importance. You will yearn to come to this house, then you will miss your mother very much, but Chutki would often laugh and tell her mother that who will come to this house then. I come to meet you. Chutki's father had already gone to heaven. The mother had married Chutki somehow. And she had retired from her responsibilities. But on Chutki came new responsibilities. Chutki with mother's teachings

She was fulfilling her responsibilities very well but now her mother was no more in this world and she would have remembered her mother's words that when I will not be in this world, then you will get this mother will be missed a lot. After the mother's departure, Chutki's brother-in-law never even asked for her well-being, anyway, since her father's departure, her behavior had changed. Chutki now misses her mother's house a lot. Where she spent her childhood, her memories are settled in every corner of the house. Which she cannot forget even if she wants to. She remembers that mother's house, she misses her maternal uncle very much. Mother miss you a lot.

Soulful from the side of chutki to mother homage

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