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Last Wish Come True

A family

Murali and Radha were a very simple husband and wife. Murali and Radha had four children. First a daughter was born in their house. Murali and Radha were very happy. They thought that Lakshmi had arrived in their house. On the arrival of their daughter, they invited all the relatives and gave a very good feast to everyone. After two years, a son was born in their house. This time Murali and Radha Again they were very happy. This time a son was born in their house. All the elders of the house were very happy. They felt that the one who would carry forward their lineage had come, now this time again a grand feast was organised. Then after three years of Murali and Radha, another daughter was born and then after nine years another daughter was born. Thus Murali and Radha had four children.

Murali had a government job and through this he was able to support all four children. The house was ancestral, Murali and Radha tried to give every kind of happiness to their children. When the children started growing up, the expenses started increasing, Radha also started working so that the children could be well nurtured. On the other hand, son Bunty was also growing up, he considered himself no less than a king. After all, he was the only son, it was not a small thing. He used to think that he was the only prince among his three sisters and would often curse his sisters that one day they would get married and go away, don't spend on them. Don't let them spend on education or any kind of expenditure. He would often provoke his parents.

Angry Man

Radha often became sad due to such things but she loved her son very much. The son was deteriorating day by day. Bunty did not understand anyone in front of him, neither was he interested in studies nor in any other work. So he did something wrong. Had taken the help of company. On the other hand, Murali and Radha's elder daughters Anu and Manu were growing up, Sonu was still a small daughter and was good in studies. When Anu had grown up, Murali and Radha married her after seeing their good relationship. Bunty had not studied much. He often used to put pressure on his parents to do business. Somehow Murali and Radha got him to do business. After time, Bunty said that the business had failed. He again kept pressurizing his parents to do business. This sequence continued. Every time he said that the business had failed, on the other hand, Manu was of marriageable age. Manu was worried about her marriage. Then he once again gave money to Bunty for the business and then got him married, thinking that Bunty would improve if he got responsibilities. But after marriage, the situation worsened and now he started looting with all four hands.

Heartbreak Women

Now Bunty and his wife do not listen to anyone and have turned the house into a battlefield. Radha started feeling sad. Seeing the symptoms of her son and daughter-in-law, she started worrying about Manu's marriage. She soon saw a good boy for Manu and married her too. Now Bunty and his wife Rinki got separated in the house and they separated their stove. Now the last responsibility of Murali and Radha was left to their younger daughter Sonu. She got higher education and was trying for a government job along with a private job. Now Murali and Radha started worrying about her marriage. Radha often She told her husband that he was teaching his daughter so much. If any prince would come to this house then Murali would often laugh and say, what else do I deserve for my daughter?

I will make sure that relationships will come on their own, don't worry. Sonu was reading further. No one has the time.

Time changed in such a way that one day Murali came to know that he had cancer and that too at the last stage, he had less time. The ground slipped from under the feet of Murali and Radha. Now their biggest concern was only Sonu and daughter's marriage. Murali He tried his best but during this time he could not find any good relationship for Sonu. Time had something else in store. Murli ji passed away. Now Bunty started considering himself the master of the house. He and his wife Radha ji and He started behaving very badly with Sonu. Now Radha was only worried about Sonu, that somehow Sonu should get married, on the other hand, Bunty was not worried. He started behaving worse with Sonu. He thought that this was from his mother's side. Takes it out of the way by any means necessary.


He used to bring many relationships for Sonu, if someone was older, someone had some shortcomings, someone was a widower and he would often ask Sonu whether he would find a hero and spread the word among his relatives that Sonu had a lot of tantrums. Then somehow Radha ji saw a good boy and married him too. Now the arbitrariness of Bunty and his wife Rinki was increasing and they started harassing Radha ji. They switched off their water line and used the electric inverter themselves. And he removed the connection from her room. If she fell ill then he would not care. Radha ji's daughters would come and take care of her. Bunty and his wife would fight with the daughters not to come here. There is no need to come here and go from here, I don't have any relation with anyone, I am the only heir because I am a boy. Bunty and his wife had made Radha ji's life miserable. Radha ji was just living her life. Radha Ji often used to say to God, Oh God, if you had to give such a son, then give me a better one than this and her last wish was that whenever she died, at the end of her life, Bunty should not touch him. Who had killed her while she was alive? Who can understand the play of God? Then a time came when Radha ji died of Covid 19 and Bunty did not get a chance to touch her. And she breathed her last in the hospital itself and the hospital itself performed her last rites.

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Ohhh it's so emotional story. It's one of the best creation. 👌 my eyes are wet after reading this blog. Great idealogy. 👍🏻

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