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Lakshmana's Life of Sacrifice (Part-3)

Lakshmana sacrificed his whole life for Lord Rama. When Lord Lakshman was living for 14 yrs in Bhramcharya when a man or a woman who lives without any fantasy of eroticism and eats a normal food Dal Roti.

But it is very difficult for today's generation because as we all know that today's generation is spending how much time in all these things. Bhramcharya is not easy for all but remember who has a power to do this then he or she can do anything. So Lakshmana never ever seen a face of Lord Sita.

Lord Rama was like his father and Lord Sita was like his mother. That's why he didn't seen her face. So for 14 yrs without seeing any women's face and without sleeping without even eating anything he spent his all Vanvaas just like this.

And Meghnath was cursed that he will be killed by the man who is awake from 14 yrs. So now the main thing is that Lord Rama was not able to kill Meghnath. Only Lord Lakshman can defeat or kill him. And in the period of Vanvaas he didn't eat anything.

When Lord Sita demanded for deer from Lord Rama. Then Lord Rama went after that deer and he gave responsibility of Lord Sita to Lord Lakshman that Lakshman take care of your bhabhi and don't leave her alone in this jungle. So Lord Lakshmana said that ok bhaiya. Then after some time as you know that when Lord Rama went into deep jungle behind him. Then after sometime he understood that this is not a deer this is a demon who is in the form of a deer.

So he kill him with his bow and arrow. And when this happened the demon came into his real form and he was screaming in Lord Rama's voice that Sita help me Lakshmana help me. So Lord Sita were worried about Lord Rama and told Lakshmana that you should go for Rama's help and Lord Lakshmana refused to do that because Lord Rama said that don't leave her alone. So he was just standing.

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