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Lakshmana's Life of Sacrifice (Part-2)

When Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana and Lord Sita enters in jungle. For spending there Vanvaas given given by Kaikai. And till the end of the Vanvaas Lakshmana did everything for his bhaiya and bhabhi he used to make shelters, he brought vegetables and fruits from jungle to eat, he brought drinking water from rivers.

Lord Rama Darbar
Lord Rama (Darbar)

And Lord Sita used to make food for them and when food is ready to eat she serve for all and Lord Rama used to give food to Lord Lakshmana but he didn't eat it. He used to send it to Ayodhya and nobody knows about it even Lord Rama don't know about it. And in the period of Vanvaas he didn't eat anything.

When Lord Sita demanded for deer from Lord Rama. Then Lord Rama went after that deer and he gave responsibility of Lord Sita to Lord Lakshman that Lakshman take care of your bhabhi and don't leave her alone in this jungle. So Lord Lakshmana said that ok bhaiya. Then after some time as you know that when Lord Rama went into deep jungle behind him.

Then after sometime he understood that this is not a deer this is a demon who is in the form of a deer. So he kill him with his bow and arrow. And when this happened the demon came into his real form and he was screaming in Lord Rama's voice that Sita help me Lakshmana help me.

So Lord Sita were worried about Lord Rama and told Lakshmana that you should go for Rama's help and Lord Lakshmana refused to do that because Lord Rama said that don't leave her alone. So he was just standing. So Lord Sita said that Lakshmana I know you are scared about those demons.

If you have read or seen Ramayana in telivision so you know that Lord Lakshmana was too angry he doubt on everyone who Lord Rama meet and asking Lord Rama that he will kill him. So at this situation Lord Sita told Lord Lakshmana that you used to brag in front of your bhaiya. So Lord Lakshmana have to go for Lord Rama. Lord Lakshmana were lost in the emotions he went after him.

Before this Lord Lakshmana told Lord Sita that no one can do anything with bhaiya Rama. But Lord Sita don't want to understand she send Lord Lakshmana after Lord Rama. This was a very big mistake of Lord Lakshmana. If he didn't do that so Lord Sita will not be kidnapped by Ravana. And if he didn't do so this Ramayana will not held. For more such posts follow me.

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