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Lakshmana's Life of Sacrifice (Part-1)

When Kaikai demanded for her two boons that have given by King Dashrath and at that time Kaikai refused to take them and tell him that whenever she want to take those boons she will ask.

Lord Rama
Lord Rama

And in Raghukul every and each person have to follow recognition that "Life may go but words may not go" means promises is valued higher than there own life. When Lord Rama was going to become king of Ayodhya everybody was too happy for him. But Kaikai wants that his children should become a king rather than Lord Rama. In this jealousy she forgot that Lord Rama is her own child as Bharat is.

She asked for her two boons two promises that King Dashratha gave her.She said that she want that Bharat should become a king and Rama have to go to Jungle for 14 yrs. This thing gave a minor heart attack to King Dashrath because he love his sons. But at this time she had to ruin his one child's life. And when Lord Lakshman and Lord Sita were also going with him at that moment.

He was broken from inside. And when Lord Rama, Lord Sita, Lord Lakshman start there Vanvas so first day Lord Lakshman didn't sleep because he have to take care of his bhaiya and bhabhi when they are sleeping so at that moment Nidra Devi came and ask him why you are not sleeping so he told her the reason so she was very very happy from this act of Lakshman and she was ready to give him boon of never sleeping but there was a condition that in the place of Lakshman someone need to sleep for Lakshman so now Lakshman can take care of his bhaiya and bhabhi.

So Lakshman said that Devi only Urmila (Lakshman's wife) can do this. So from that day Urmila sleep for 14 yrs until Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana and Lord Sita didn't return. So in this part we all understand that Lakshman sacrifice his sleep for 14 yrs and he didn't sleep for 14 yrs that's why he can kill Indrajeet (Ravana's son). For more such posts follow me and subscribe my YouTube channel and here is the link:

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