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We all known for there work or there jobs. Like we can say that he is a singer, actor, comedian. She is an anchor so here anchoring is her job her karma. And here from today your name is depends upon your work.


And there is a quote in Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta that listen to others and don't talk too much if you do so you could proved fool in front of others. An intelligent person don't waste time in talking vainly. And when you speak you have to make sure everyone is listening to you. Karma is a fruit that will provided by God for your work for your karma.

It depends upon how much good karmas you are doing. And I swear if you did something wrong so after much time you'll be punished for it. When Arjuna was afraid of killing his own brothers then Shri Krishna start Geeta Gyan to encourage Arjuna. I always recommend in my posts that read Bhagavad Gita it is the way of living.

Then after Gita Gyan Arjuna was ready to attack them but after too much time he disappointed again and he refused to kill Bhishma Pitamaha then Shri Krishna got angry and said if you are not killing him then I will kill him. And then Shri Krishna come out of his rath and raise his finger and then Sudarshana Chkra came and then Arjuna was trying to stop him.

And Bhishma Pitamaha was begging for his life with his folded hands. Then Shri Krishna didn't do that because he was committed by his elder brother Balram that they will do not pick up any weapon in this war. Shri Krishna had to stop it. Karma is all our good and bad sides that is recorded by God also punished by them and also rewarded by him.

Once again I am we all have enough time to fulfill our dreams we've ever dreamed of. Death is near and we all had to put efforts. No matter how much you are working for it no matter your age. The only matters is your time how much time you are getting it aor you are able to get it. Go and work on your skills develop more skills as you can.


You have to go out of your home because history witnesses that no one can grow in his comfort zone. Go and communicate to people learn every skill that you need to learn for your dreams. And don't get into the trap of this world there are so many social media influencers who show nudity in there videos and then your urges of masturbation came and you go with the flow.

It's your life don't waste it in such things build something that can shake this world. That wow How's that possible? I know that this is important to fresh your mind between work so you can visit my channel on YouTube here is the link:

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