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If You Are With Me

Keep in imagination of your companion while reading.

The cycle of life always continues. Life is all about walking,

But if a companion is with you on the path of life, then the journey becomes easier. We are able to handle ourselves in any difficult situation.

If I say here that we are made for each other, then it is not an exaggeration.

Because every person needs a companion, a loving companion who will always support him. Support him in every step of life and if that partner is your life partner then its so good. Who always tells you that he or she is with you.

Just thinking about such a lovely companion should bring a smile on your face. We all have that one partner in our life who makes us smile just by thinking about him or her, is the one for whom we want to do a lot. He/she also reminds us in difficult circumstances of our life that is with us and our heart sings that if you are with us then what is missing. No-One is complete without the companion.

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
Mar 01

Wow so beautiful words, expression and way of writing is so amazing. Please keep writing ✍️. Very very nice creation 😊

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