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How to get slim?

I know a lot of people search for this on internet and trying very hard to get slim. So, basically you have to stop taking advices from other people because there is a famous saying that as many mouths as many words. If you are doing this you have to follow only one of them otherwise you will get confused and you cannot loose your weight or fat.


If you are reading this blog post so, I hope you will find a solution. So let's begin. First of all you have to refuse the foods with high calories. Oily foods leads to high calories. All you have to do is reduce the intake of calories or burn them in high amount. So if you want to live a healthy life you have to do hard work you can do it I know you can.

Get ready for the journey and you have to exercise, yoga, running, jumping jacks, skipping. You have to bring sweat on your skin this much sweat that no one can wear the t-shirt you are wearing I mean wet your t-shirt by your sweat. Sometimes it's seems very difficult to burn 12 kg weight but after dieting, exercising, running, skipping can bring 6 kg weight lose in one day.

A man with abs

Yes this is totally proven you can do it.

Where do calories come from?

Calories come from all the food we consume and all the drinks. So you have to make a control on yourself that you will not eat unhealthy things anymore. And you have to do that no option this is your one life you have to do everything every great experiences you have to make to make your one life more better.

So you don't eat those foods which have high calories like: Burger, Pizza, Fries, Cold drinks. Don't consume cold drinks it contains a lot of sugar all you can drink is juices and fresh water. And go and make your own juice don't buy them from markets it contains harmful chemicals.

It is not too tough but some fruits from the market and make juice of them or you can eat them. Stop consuming sugars and I repeat you had this one life you have no longer time so become the best version of yourself.

Every organ of our body needs calories to run so, my opinion is that you should consume calories which is needed by our body. People who are faty consumes a lot of calories and they don't even move if you are faty so you have unhealthy schedule you should join some programs on Just Jolly it will notify you that it's your time for exercise or burn calories.

I know that sometimes when you are sitting in a public area fat makes you feel under confident. And I had seen people who have a lot of fat on there face but there body is slim and it looks very ugly. Ugliness is not the problem. Main Problem is that you feel under confident around people. So you can do facial exercises like mewing or many more so, here it was I hope you like my guidance.

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Seema Sharma
Seema Sharma
Apr 07

Great information 👍


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Nice information 😀


Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
Apr 03

Yes it's great information I will try to get slim 👍🏻

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