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How India is becoming the global super power?

In July 2023 India became the most populous country in the world. And the companies of India are now globally ranking good and I am pretty sure that India will became 3rd highest Economy(GDP) in the world very soon. As we can see the growth of India is too unexpected no one expected before that India's growth is this much good. Now, according to current updates PM Narendra Modi is number 1 Prime minister in the world.

Indian Flag

India's economy grew at 8.4%, its fastest pace in 18 months, in the final three months of 2023, led by strong manufacturing and construction activity. India is 'easily' the fastest growing economy in the world, IMF executive director Krishnamurthy Subramanian said, as the country's third-quarter GDP growth blew past analysts' estimates.

Tata consultancy services has more shares than the whole of Pakistan. Amid gloomy global prospects, India's economy is upbeat and is expected to remain the world's fastest-growing major economy in 2024 for the third straight year. Inflation is moderating, demand is growing and economic activity is strengthening. 2050 India?

India is expected to become a USD 30-trillion economy by 2050 due to strong consumption and exports, according to HDFC Bank chairman Atanu Chakraborty. International financial institutions have projected India's growth to be around 6.3% this year, with a nominal GDP of 10-12%. India's current GDP is $3.732 trillion and service sector plays an important role in GDP of India.

The main sectors contributing to India's GDP are agriculture, industry, and services. Agriculture includes farming and related activities, industry includes manufacturing and construction, and services include sectors like finance, healthcare, education, and tourism. India excels in various fields, but it's important to note that being "number 1" can vary depending on the specific metric or category. However, India is prominent in information technology, producing skilled professionals and contributing significantly to the global IT industry.

India scenery

India's tourism rate is also increased very high all because of wonderful places and it's food. In India It is said that a person in India can eat another food everyday in his entire life. And history of India plays an important role in its development and tourism.

India has 5 climatic zones and 121 unofficial languages. Well according to the constitution India has 21 languages but unofficially it has 121 languages. If we talk about weapons So, there are so many powerful weapons India has here are some of them:

1. Agni-V

2. Prithvi-ll

3. BrahMos

4. Agni-IV

5. Shaurya

6. Akash

7. Nag

8. Astra

And much more.

And I can bet in coming future India will become superpower very very soon.

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