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Generation Gap

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Generation gap means the contradiction of the ideas of the old generation with the ideas of the new generation. Generation gap has been going on since forever. We always ignore the words of our elders and always only think that they will not understand.

The older generation often tells the youngsters generation based on their experiences. No parent ever gives wrong advice to their children, rather they want to save them from the troubles based on their experience. Today's young generation wants freedom, they do not like any restriction in any work, they want to live their life as they want to live freely as per their wish, without any restriction.

Because of the generation gap, joint families are not seen nowadays. Everyone wants to live as per their wish. But the gap of generation becomes wider when both the generations are closer to each other. They are not even ready to listen.

But it is not always the case that the elders are wrong or the younger generation is wrong. If we change our perspective a little, then both the generations are right in their own place, one has experience and the other has today's knowledge.

Man scolding a kid

New thinking with which we can't do anything. What can't we do if we combine the experience of an elder with our new ideas? Today's young generation, who wants to do a lot, can do a lot in their life if they are encouraged.

When we were young and Parents used to explain and share their experiences with us. Today, when we become parents, we understand, but we have to understand that our children can also take right decisions. We have to trust them and increase their self-confidence.

Children's mind is very much in technicalities and science which we cannot even understand and they give it a positive form. We should understand them and let them choose their own sky and encourage them to work openly. This will reduce the generation gap. will also reduce and our home and society will also develop.

We should work on it. Cooperate with young generation. And be their friends before parents.

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
10 sept 2023

Really very well written post. The crux of life is explained in a very simple way. 👌 great idealogy. Eagerly Waiting for next post.

Me gusta

09 sept 2023
Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

Yes we should learn from both of them and live a happy and a peaceful life. It's the better way to live. I'd like to read some more from you.

Me gusta

07 sept 2023
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Nice blog 😁

Me gusta
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