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Festivals have great importance in our lives. Festivals bring happiness on our faces. On festivals we all get a chance to meet each other and share happiness with each other. Festivals bring joy to life. No matter which religion or region we belong to, we all get filled with enthusiasm when festivals arrive. We all bring a new enthusiasm within ourselves and want to celebrate our festivals without any interruption. Festivals also have their own flavor, there is a different atmosphere of happiness in the houses, in some places dishes are being prepared in the house and in others festivals are being celebrated. But there is a discussion going on about what we will wear and how to decorate the house. Everyone thinks that this time what should I do on this festival which will please everyone and we all welcome our festivals with new enthusiasm. When Diwali comes, we all decorate our houses with lamps, that is, they light the whole house, when Holi comes, we apply colors to each other. Colors have great importance in our lives. Every color has its own identity. Every color says something and fills our life with happiness. When Eid comes, everyone hugs and congratulates each other, when Guru Parva comes, we all go to Gurudwara and bow our heads, when Christmas comes, it is like a children's day, all the markets are Santa Claus. They are filled with costumes and a different enthusiasm can be seen on the faces of the children. Various types of desires of children and their wait for their fulfillment are visible in their eyes which are fulfilled by their parents. Festivals always bring happiness in our lives. Therefore, keep celebrating festivals like this and keep giving and receiving happiness to each other.

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