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8 Symptoms of Good Health

These days there are so many tests for getting the score of our health. Like:- Blood Test, X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound and many more. But none of them can tell us our accurate health condition. In Ayurveda there are so many quotes. There is a shloka in Ayurveda which reflects 8 symptoms of a healthy human being should have.

The first Symptom of good health

Timely Bowl Movement

Which means every morning when you go to the toilet your bowels should clear up naturally without any pressure, without any powder or laxative. Without drinking a lot of water or tea. If your bowels get cleared naturally every morning, then you can tick the sign ☑️ and if your bowels are not clearing up at least once daily, then you can cross ❌ it. It means you have constipation and remember Constipation is a mother of all diseases. And don't forget to write your symptoms on the paper and do tick and cross as according.

The Second Symptom of good health

Ideal weight


Which means not having any excess weight in your body. How do you know that you are overweight or not? If you look from outside, it will look like this kind of flab in the above 👆 showing image. This Symptom is connected to our previous symptoms as well if your bowels are clearing up naturally every morning everyday the waste is being removed properly from your body then your weight will automatically be under control. So if you want to lose the weight, you need to loose the waste. If your weight is optimal, then you can tick this box. Otherwise, cross ❌ it.

The third Symptom of good health

Mental Peace

Which means having peaceful and pleasant thoughts in our mind Whatever is happening in the world outside, despite that, experiencing peace in your mind How is your mood throughout the day? Tell us. If you're happy for most of the day you're happy, you wake up in the morning with energy and excitement and find yourself laughing at least 2-3 times a day then you can tick this Symptom. But if you're usually stressed throughout the day, tensed you get angry over little things. If you get irritated with others very easily, it means you're not meeting this Symptom for now. If your body is not clean from inside, if your body is dirty inside, then will surely have an impact on your mind.

The fourth Symptom of good health

Experiencing real hunger

A healthy person should feel hungry at least twice a day. You may be thinking - What is real hunger? There are two kinds of hunger - real hunger and hunger of mind. Hunger of the mind is that which demands something tangy, something salty, something sweet from you. Which get you thinking about Burger 🍔, Pizza 🍕, Fries 🍟 and much more. On the other hand, real hunger is that which is not affected by what's on your plate. Even if we place a plate of cucumber without any masalas. Masala is Arabic word the correct word in our Ayurveda is Aushadiyan like turmeric which we can apply on infections and injuries. It also help to cure our internal injuries that's why we put it in our food. And it is also make with milk to cure internal and external injuries. And you still feel like eating it, that means it's real hunger. So a healthy person feels hungry at least twice in a day because experiencing real hunger means digestion is happening properly. And if digestion works properly, only then our health will be fine and if digestion works properly, only then our health will be fine so in you experience real hunger at least twice a day. Then you can tick ✅ this symptom but if you don't experience hunger your stomach always feels full then you can cross ❌ this sign.

The Fifth symptom of good health

Lack of laziness

Which means from 5 AM to 6 AM morning till 9 PM to 10 PM, you have a lots of energy in the body feeling enthusiasts about everything you do. It doesn't matter what kind of work it is - studying, office work, or cooking food at home. If you enjoy doing whatever you work on you don't experience any laziness or exhaustion throughout the day then you can tick ✅ this sign. But if you keep yawning throughout the day, or you feel like sleeping throughout the day. If someone asks you to work, you feel irritated or you feel sleeping again as soon as you walk up then you can cross ❌ this sign.

The sixth symptom of good health

Effortless Movement

Which means you can effortlessly move any part of your body without pain. When you sign, get up, walk, or do any work your should not feel any pain. As our age grows, we think pain in our body is natural but it's not true. Our joints, shoulders, neck and back only when our health is not good. If you're sitting like this 👇 and you have to get up, and if you can get up quickly without any support then you can tick ✅ this sign but if you need a support, experience pain, then cross ❌ it.


Seventh Symptom of good health

Spotless Skin

Which means you have no acne, pimples or rashes on your skin. How is skin related to health? Skin is a big detox channel for our body which means if there is a waste inside our body, then the body tries to remove it through our skin. That's why we experience a lot of skin problems. Think of it this way - your skin is like a mirror for what is inside your body. Your skin is a reflection of what's happening inside your skin. And if your body is clean inside, then your skin will automatically be clean it will glow. If that's the case, then tick ✅ this but if our body is full of waste, how can our skin be cleared? Then you can cross ❌ this sign. Remember it has nothing to do with how fair or dark you are.

The last and one of the most important symptom

Sound Sleep

Which means getting deep sleep it means as soon as you lie down on the bed you should fall asleep within 5 minutes after that, you should wake up directly in the morning You should ask a child what is deep sleep? If you pick up a child when he's sleeping and shift him from sofa to bed, he will find out that you did this in the morning after waking up similarly if you fall asleep after lying down on the bed within minutes and you don't open your eyes even once while you sleep at night. The. You're meeting this health sign on the other hand if you don't get sleep after lying down on the bed for a long time or your sleep keeps breaking in between again and again or you get a lot of dreams. It means you're not getting sound sleep. So these were our 8 symptoms of good health. For more such posts follow me on Just Jolly.

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