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3 Advices from Ravana (Part-1)

Now I am going to tell you rest of the story from the last blog. So Lord Lakshmana went and ask him some advices about Life and said that can you tell me some advices of life that can help me or this world in future. So at this point Ravana didn't said a single word.

Actually Lord Lakshmana was standing near his head. Then Lord Rama said that Lakshman go and stad near his legs because while we are taking some knowledge from someone so that person is like our teacher and we shouldn't stand near our teacher's head.

Then Lord Lakshmana stand near his legs. Then Lord Rama said that Lakshmana quickly repeat the same sentence as you did before. Then Lord Lakshmana said it all gain. Then Ravana said that Lakshmana you are thankful that you got a elder brother like Lord Rama. And you are here to gain some knowledge from me so I will never let you go empty handed.

I am going to tell you some advices of life that I have learned in my long period of life. It is considered that when Ravana died he was around 40,000 years old. It was Treta Yuga people used to live thousands of years in there life.

So I am giving you 3 Advices for rest of your life. So my first advice is that never ever procrastinate any work if you've decided to do this work so just do it never procrastinate. You should avoide or keep postponing all the bad things and don't think so much for good things just do it.

Then Ravana said that in my life I haven't did late to bad works and I always used to avoid good works. When Suparna Kha my sister came to me then I decided to kidnapp Lord Sita and I done the same.

I was thinking that I should say sorry to Lord Rama but I kept avoiding it. When my children Meghnath and Akshay Kumar died I think now I should say sorry to Lord Rama. But I didn't. When my brother Kumbhakaran died I think now I should say sorry to him. And give him back Lord Sita. Rest of the story I will tell you in next Weblog Post follow me for more such posts.

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