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Create a Forum Post

Forum is a great way to keep yourself readers engaged and active. With Forum, you can create a stunning forum post in minutes! It creates a sense of online community where people with like-minded interests share thoughts and ideas on the things they enjoy in life.

Concrete Facade
This is just an image of Just Jolly forum on About Forum Page
This is just an image of forum in the Just Jolly app in mobile.

How to create your forum post

Create a forum post in 7 simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Just Jolly account or create account.

  2. Go to Forum.

  3. Click or tap Create New Post

  4. Choose a category.

  5. Add the relevant content.

  6. Click or tap the toolbar to add additional elements to your post.

  7. When you're ready, click or tap Publish.

Get Tips to Manage Your Forum Posts

Learn best practices for creating and managing your forum posts, moving forum posts to different categories, editing forum posts and more.

This is just an image of uploading files in forum posts

Uploading Files in a Forum Post

This is just an image of tagging forum members in forum posts

Tagging Forum Members in Forum Posts

This is just an image of creating a forum post in the Just Jolly app

Just Jolly App: Create and Manage Your Forum Posts from Your Smartphone

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