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Who was She

It is a matter of those days that a class XI child (Pintu) made a program to watch Ramlila with friends after taking permission from his parents.

Children went to see Ramlila in the evening but they got night there. He was far away from his home.

Went to see Ramlila. All the friends went to their respective homes but Pintu's house was about 25 kms away.

Pintu waits for the bus After waiting for a long time, when the bus did not come, he decided to walk at 11.20 pm.


On the way, he was met by a woman who was wearing very dirty clothes and had a pallu so that her face could not be seen.

He asked Pintu the way forward So, Pintu showed him the way.

Then she started walking with Pintu and then she said that my Grab the child Pintu took his child refused to be caught.

But after a while she said that now my Give back the child, then Pintu said that I had not even taken the child.

But she was not agreeing that she was constantly saying that give my child give my child.

Pintu got nervous and started walking fast, she was saying that give my child back. Pintu was going fast and started running.

He ran fast and reached the bus stop, an uncle was standing at the bus stop, he said that hey Why are you running so fast my child, now the bus has not even arrived It's time to come so Pintu told Uncle that a woman is lying behind me and is saying that give me my child, then Uncle said that you were coming alone, I saw you talking alone. You were talking to yourself.

Hands on trunk

When Pintu looked back, there was no one there, no way to go back so that he could go back.

And there was no way to cross the road. Still he looked here and there but he didn't see anyone. Just then his bus also arrived. Sitting in the bus, he kept wondering what all this was all about. And there was a lot of fear that he might not come to his house.

As soon as he reached home, he slept quietly. Everyone scolded a lot but did not say anything to anyone. For a long time, it was in this untidy weave that who was she.

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