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Teacher Mom

It is said that without teacher or without knowledge, we all incomplete our first teacher is our mother.

It is our mother who brings us to this world. Teach us to walk by holding our fingers, that mother's debt can never be repaid.

I remember a madam from my childhood who was my nu


rsery teacher Raj madam she used to love me a lot I probably used to go to school also because of her I used to love my madam like my mother.

When she was with her colleges, even if she used to have lunch. She used to call me to have Lunch with me. Raj madam was not married, she loved me like her own child.

My school was close to my home. If I took leave from school because of my ill health, then Raj madam would come to my house when she met me, there is no day that she does not see me, I still miss my first madam a lot.

She was a true guru. I don't know where is she is today. But wherever she would be I always love her as my mother or as my teacher mom.

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
26 août 2022

We are nothing without our teachers and their blessings. Very nice observation great writing.

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