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No break-up of life

Break -Up, break means to break and up means to rise up means to move forward.

Often people after breakup curse themselves, their luck, God, or their partner with whom the breakup happened.

Taking their life in a different direction. Some people even get addicted to drugs. And some people even commit suicide.

No break-up

But if seen, it is good that you have a breakup. Suppose if there was any other problem in your life, then were you going to do the same thing? Any trouble came and you took the help of drugs or think to commit suicide etc.

Thought of doing it and bothered your partner too. It's better that already

Breakup happened.

The Love Birds fly in the open sky, when the birds land on the ground of the truth of life, while their spirits are defeated and reality of life or truth confronted.

Then it is realized that the world of beautiful dreams does not exist. Breakup means only a chapter of our life is over.

Right now the whole life is left in the form of a book, the sorrow of breakup is in your heart burried them and welcome a golden life.

Life is so beautiful you will see that when a few years pass, this misery will be far behind and you will have come a long way and then you will laugh thinking about it.

That there is no break up from life. Life is waiting for you with outstretched arms. Live to the fullest. Being happy is an art. So enjoy every moment of it. Whether it is sar to happy.

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