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Love Marriage

Love marriage is a marriage in which you know everything about your partner, how is He or she, and you are well aware of likes and dislikes.

People have every right to live their life as per their wish, it is their life so the decisions should also be their. But here a question arises whether they are adult enough to understand their good and bad and their love should not be an attraction and they really want to move forward in life with each other.

When they adopt each other, they adopt each other along with both their good and bad habits. In which both of you are loyal to each other. Both of you are well acquainted with each other. Whatever the marriage may be, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, there should be trust and faith in each other. Any relationship is based on trust and faith.

This is just an image of bride.

Only we move ahead. Trust and faith are the two basic mantras of life. We should move forward with these, they are the strong link of our relationships.

We should stick to this, only then we will all understand the importance of our relationships and will be able to move ahead in life by maintaining them.

Beyond Love or arrange marriage there should be TRUE FRIENDSHIP between them.

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Luvuyo Ponase
Luvuyo Ponase
Mar 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great, I love your blog.


Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
Mar 07

Very well written, express and beautiful. Keep writing ✍️

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