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Little Steps

I am a teacher, I have a small play school. Most of my time is spent with children, I like to spend time with them, children's world is different. Everything is fair and clean. Seeing them all the tension goes away.

Children's mind is clear, children sometimes speak so innocently that you also get a solution to your problem, that naughty laugh touches the heart and attracts our attention. It seems as if there is no trouble in the world. I feel this way when a child comes to my school. That she is my own child and I want to do everything for her.

We should never compare our children with anyone, every child is unique in itself, every child has its own quality. We just have to recognize that. I advise everyone that if you are in tension, then spend some time with small children.

Your mind will become very light. Parents often come to me and say that ma'am, the second child gets to work quickly. Our child does not, even then I tell them that do not compare your children with anyone, every child works at his level.

Let it grow, at this age, children create a new world of their own. From two to six, seven years, the world of children is full of different colors. Let them color in it and help them in that Children have a different sky. Sometimes it will be a lot of fun to look at their sky from their point of view.

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Archit Sharma
Archit Sharma
Jun 11, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Superb very nice and highly innovative please keep writing.

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