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Life is a Circus


Life is just a circus It is a platform on which we all have to play our own character. It is said that after 84 lakh times birth and death. A human being is born.

Human birth is very difficult to get. It is another thing that we have to play many characters in our life also. We pass every stage of life.

First is childhood, then we learn to walk by holding the finger of our parents.

Journey from childhood to youth is a different experience then you play a different character, there is a different world in which you are husband or wife and now you have become a responsible person.

Now you can take your own decisions, you have to take the responsibility of yourself and your family. Childhood character is the best. Often it is heard by elders to say that childhood is the best.

Childhood age is the reigning age. That is, worry free. But as soon as you grow up, you become a responsible person. Stages in which we all need someone's support and our expectations from our loved ones increase.


And in life we ​​all have to go through these stages. That's why they say that life is a circus, I don't know when this curtain will fall and the game of circus will end.

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Manoj Sharma
Manoj Sharma
03 sep. 2022

In reality life is a circus. Very true 😊

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