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How Shakuni was great?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

In Mahabharat we have read that Shakuni was evil of the story and he was the main root of the war. Most of peoples who were reading my blog post knows that Gandhari was cursed that her husband will die after merriage. Due to this curse no one was ready to marrie her. Shakuni was love his sister and after all Gandhari's father have decided that they will get her merried to a goat. After merriage they will kill the goat. Then his daughter will get free from curse.

One day Bhishma Pitamaha was come to Gandhar which name has been changed to Kandhar. Bhishma Pitamaha see beautiful Gandhari. He decided that he will arrange the merriage of Dhritrashtra and Gandhari. He threatened to the king that if he will not send his daughter to marrie with Dhritrashtra . So he will ruin whole Afghanistan. The king was afraid and ready to get his daughter marrie with Dhritrashtra. When Dhritrashtra found that Gandhari marrie with a goat before him. He was getting too much angry and he attack on Afghanistan that they don't tell him about this before merriage.

Then king and his hundred sons were arrested by Dhitrashtra. Then they give too little food to them it was too little and enough for only 1 person. The king was clever and he understand that they are planning to kill them with hunger. King decided that everyone will give food to Shakuni after all he was younger child of the king then by spending time one by one all sons were die with hunger. And at the last king was left at last day of king's life request to the king after his death he had to leave Shakuni. Dhritrashtra was ready because he was too happy.

After king's death Shakuni made some dices from his bones which he used in Mahabharat and it was consider that in those dices soul of king is present and dices move according to Shakuni. During king's death he tell Shakuni that Shakuni had to promise to king that he will take revenge of his father's death. He promise to king that he will take revenge. Then by spending of time Dhitrashtra also have 100 sons they are growing up. there uncle are thinking how to give them wrong way. He was successful in that he was trying to war between Pandav and Kaurav. The war start and end in 18 days and all know who won the war. After Shakuni's death he get heaven because he fullfill the promise. Below image is taken from Amarujala.

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Archit Sharma
Archit Sharma
Mar 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great history and great story of Mahabharat. Hope you like this.

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