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Color of Luck

When Shri Krishna killed Kansa

After that, Lord Krishna went to the prison to rescue his mother and father (Devaki and Vasudeva).

His mother Devaki asked this question to Krishna that son, you are God yourself, you all knew.

So, why did you wait and killed Kansa at the age of 11 years 9 months and why didn't you get rid of us early.

On this Lord Krishna said that this is the result of all previous births, Krishna ji says that mother.

Do you remember that in your last life you exile me to live in forest fourteen years.

Mother Devaki did not remember anything on this when she was sent for exile.

Then Krishna says that you were mother Kekai in previous birth. On this Devaki asks who is mother Kaushalya in this birth, on this Lord Krishna says she is Yashoda Mom.

Therefore, we have to bear the fruits of our actions or karma and when we die, our karma remains here and our family members are sometimes happy and sometimes sad after remembering.

Only our religious work goes with us. On the basis of which God the Supreme Father, where do we have to take birth in the next life, that is, sometimes you must have noticed that someone is born in a very good family and someone in a very wealthy family.


All these determine our actions. You will note that the coronation of Lord Ram was going to take oath ceremony as King of Ayodhya and the next morning he had to go to the forest habitat.

No one knows when and where fate will take its turn.

We are all puppets in the hands of luck. We are nothing above this. That's why it is said that man One should never be proud, no one knows when this life will show us what.

Colors of luck

When we think that we are all capable, only then God shows us that son ""Big Boss Is Here"" So we should behave keeping humanity in mind.

And there should be humanity in it. We should always remain in the armor of human beings. Humanity should always remain in us.

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