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Become the Best Version of Yourself

This Weblog Post is not for those who wants to settled in there life and live this life like a sheep.

Look you all have one life and in this your one life you have to achieve something you've ever dreamed of in your life. And lot of people think that they will do this or that tomorrow but no way. With the passing of your life your death is coming to you and you have to do all those things you've ever think of.

So become the best version of yourself give up all your desires, lust and addiction. And just get into your work don't waste your time in such guilty things like pornography, masturbation, anger and all your desires. I know it will be hard for you to leave your addictions but today note one thing that this is 2024 and you make your goal that you will succeed until 2030, 2035 or any year you think you should be there when you succeed.

Hard Work

Make yourself unbreakable spend your time with yourself and your work. If you do so I am pretty sure that you will succeed one day and no one can stop you. This is your life live it like you will die today you can't see tomorrow. Everyday become your idol. Whenever you feel low just think about the condition, the position of yours when you will reach to your destiny.

Life is unpredictable who knows whether you will be in this world tomorrow or not? Even I am not sure that today I am living in this world but what if I will die tomorrow. So, don't run from your death it is always behind you ready to catch you. Take a challenge by yourself, a challenge against yourself and in this challenge you have to work on your darksides and your addictions.

Believe me you will rise like a sun. Today I am looking at this generation they are slaves of great personalities and they are easily caught into a trap by a beautiful girl. Because they died at beauty and they cannot over one there addiction. This is my message to the world that work on yourself and become unbreakable. Let's understand by an example: look by passing of time in this universe a lot of people born and die like a sheep. No one cares about him.

Work Hard

When the sheep is an adult a shepherd come and take out it's wool and when the sheep become useless he will kick out the sheep of his farm or kill sheep and sell out it's fat. So if you don't want to be like a sheep just get out of this trap. Same in the condition of common humans they born and study and after study they are set to there jobs and then marriage then reproduce and responsibilities of children then after some years he will die.

Look this is your life don't spend it like sheep do. Use it create something useful just think about have you ever created something for this society. Live in this world but whenever you will die the smile should be there on your face and tears in others eyes. Make yourself this much dedicated to you mission that no one can come between you and your mission.

If you believe in your mission and you really want to work on it. So no desires, addictions, lust or anything can never ever become your priority.

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